employment mediation ukMy name is Phil Tyson and I offer a private employment mediation service to help resolve workplace disputes.

My aim is to rebuild relationships and return individuals and teams to productive harmonious work.

I offer a personal and bespoke employment mediation service and do not subcontract any of the work I receive. I also offer individual and team coaching if skills gaps have been identified in the mediation process.

I am based in Manchester and offer employment mediation, coaching for employment conflict, and training in mediation skills in the workplace at offices throughout the UK.

The benefits of employment mediation are:

  • Conflict mediation in the workplace is quick. Most conflict mediations take a day to complete. Team mediations slightly longer.
  • Conflict mediation in the workplace is effective. The industry average is an 80% success rate.
  • Conflict mediation in the workplace is cost effective. As it may avert legal expenses and the loss of valuable staff if bullying or harassment cases etc. go unchecked.employment mediation in manchester
  • Conflict mediation in the workplace is confidential. Only those in dispute know about what they have agreed to do to resolve the issues.
  • Those in dispute are in control of the mediation process. No other way to resolve a dispute gives those in conflict all the power to work out the solution for themselves.
  • Conflict mediation in the workplace aims to build relationships. Conflict mediation in the workplace is about restoring relationships and building trust and mutual respect.
  • Conflict mediation in the workplace reduces absenteeism. When people are in dispute at work they often take days off due to ‘sickness’. Once their dispute is resolved their attendance and productivity can increase.

The causes of a conflict can be varied from the organisation of the working environment through communication, from personality clashes to bullying and harassment. Often a dispute involves a combination of all these elements.

mediation in the workplace

Phil Tyson Ph.D.
Employment Mediator

“Conflict mediation in the workplace can generate the best, most cost efficient, and sustainable solutions of any way of resolving the dispute.”

Phil Tyson Ph.D.